the best solution for 1- infection 2- inflammation 3- pruritis 4- bad odour in addition to : - sodium bicarbonate to change the media of growth of M.O specially yeast infection ( monilisis) - tegobetain surfacant effect ( decrease the surface tension of vaginal abnormal discharges) - betarose containing specific anti-fungal agent - betarose do not alter the normal predomaince of lactobacilus - betarose no dryness (dose not effect the phospolipide layer) - betarose non staining , non irritant , non sensitizing

Indications And Usage:

- all vaginal infection : vaginosis - candediasis - trichomoniasis & chlamedia - vaginal infalmmation ( vaginitis & vulvo vaginitis) - vaginal discharge & itching ( pruritis ) - vaginal bad odour

Dosage & Administration:

1- to be used in the morning and in the evening directly with out dilution byapplicator in server cases 2- it can be also used diluted by addition of one measure to half litre of warm water