Composition description here Panavidon Surgical Scrub Contains 7.5 % USP w/v povidone iodine and is an microbicidal sudsing cleanser that promptly kills a broad spectrum of pathogens . Special mild surfactants make panavidone suitable for cleansing preoperative patients as well as for pre and post operative scrubbing . it is non-irritating to skin , wounds or mucous membranes . it is used for hand hygiene ,surgical hand-scrubbing and topical degerming of patient's skin prior surgery . ( Because Panavidon Surgical Scrub contains detergents this product must be rinsed off )

Indications And Usage:

Surgical hand antisepsis and general hygienically antisepsis ;

Dosage & Administration:

Apply 5 ml on wetted hands . Wash for 2.5 min . rinse and wash again with another 5 m for 2.5 min . rinse again and dry preoperative cleansing of patients; Cleasnsing of wounds .

  • PANAVIDON 7.5 %