anaerobic micro organism ----------------------------------------- Hydrogen Peroxide : effective agent for controlling growth of bacteria specially anaerobic bacteria by effervescence which help to remove unhealthy tissues Tego sml : solubelizing & Cleansing agent to solubelize & remove debris and plaque and pus between the teeth dissolve thicky saliva in mouth Menthol & Peppermint ext: Cooling effect to reduce gum swelling and pain long-lasting refreshing sensation in mouth minimizes discomfort after dental work

Indications And Usage:

Gingivitis - Periodontist - Pocket - Plaque - Calculus - Caries - Root canal irrigation - Pre and Post - Operative in teeth extract

Dosage & Administration:

in server cases without dilution in moderate cases in adult diluted 1:1 in moderate cases in children diluted 1:3 expelled from the mouth after use used three times daily